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Samantha Crain with special guest Nick Jaina


Woody Guthrie Center
102 E Brady St 74103 Tulsa United States
Samantha Crain is returning to the Woody Guthrie Center on June 7th! Tickets are $17 in advance.

Also performing is the highly acclaimed writer and musician, Nick Jaina! Nick is based in Portland, OR and has released many albums, composed for ballets, and written an amazing book, "Get It While You Can", which was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award.
Nick's live performance is an amalgamation of all he has learned from composing for dance and film, all the songs he wrote while touring the country with his band, and all the stories he has compiled in his book. It is a rare combination of storytelling and song. It is not like a normal music show or a reading. Nick loops electric guitar passages, mixing in sounds from distant rocket launches played from his phone into the pickups of his guitar. After creating a bed of sound, he reads short passages from his book, such as unsent love letters, or chronicles of Don Quixote-like figures who tried to sail across oceans. The performance is soulful and engaging. The stories alternate between funny and beautiful. The format is almost like a podcast such as Radiolab or This American Life, reaching the listener on many different emotional and intellectual levels.
The performance lasts about an hour. It is always different, woven together based on the feeling in the room and the things that Nick is excited about. Many people feel healed after, like they have visited church and gotten the gears of their heart set in order.