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Folk Uke Concert


Woody Guthrie Center
102 E Brady St 74103 Tulsa United States
Folk Uke will make its WGC debut on July 13. We guarantee you'll have a fun night when Cathy Guthrie, Arlo's daughter, and Amy Nelson, Willie's daughter, take the stage. One of their songs was featured in this season's premier of "Orange is the New Black"--look it up and sing along! It seems right to have Woody's granddaughter here at the WGC the night before his 104th birthday. Tickets are $17 in advance and $20 at the door. Call 918-574-2710 for tickets or E-mail melissa@woodyguthriecenter.org

It was 1998 in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter when Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson met at a bar…where they both worked. One was a tramp and one was devastatingly pure. With a ukulele and an acoustic guitar, they formed a band for the same reason kids join gangs— just to survive, but also to unleash the brilliance that was poking them from within.

Don't believe the rumors. Folk Uke is not totally amazing. They're just kind of amazing. If you find yourself at a Folk Uke show, you are in for a treat— but maybe not the kind of treat that you like the taste of. Come to a show and see for yourself.

Better yet, buy their albums first and you may save yourself the trouble. And if you make it to a live Folk Uke show, do your best to enjoy it…and then give them two more chances. They are hit and miss, but so are you most likely, and that is their charm. We live to inspire and we're tired of writing in third person.

Love, Cathy & Amy

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